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Motorola Expedited Warranty Service:

Can’t be without your device? For a premium fee, we will send you a replacement right away and then you can send your malfunctioning device back to us

  Repair Estimate :   $0.00
  Security Hold :   $300.00
  Premium Fee :   $25.00
  1.     We will ship you a replacement device to keep.
     -      We will place a hold on your credit card to be sure you return your malfunctioning device to us.
     -      Motorola will charge you a premium program fee of $25.00.
  2.   Ship your original device back to us within 5 days of receiving your replacement.
     -     If you are returning a phone, remove the SIM card and place it in the new device to use right away.
  3.   Once your original device is received, we will inspect it.
     -      If there is no physical or liquid damage outside of what you disclosed, we will remove the security hold and you’re done.
     -      If liquid or physical damage is discovered, your device may not be covered under warranty, and we may contact you with Motorola's out of warranty repair estimates/options.

     - If your original device is not received within 10 days, we will charge you the amount of the security hold plus all applicable taxes.
     - If a holiday falls during the week of your request, it may take longer to ship your replacement device.