Verizon Activations

The Verizon network is undergoing a big change as they transition to LTE-only technology. We've seen some minor issues with customers activating new lines / new SIM cards on our phones, but have worked out solutions for those issues. Usually, all that's necessary to get a new SIM card working on the Verizon network is to temporarily insert your Verizon SIM card into a non-kosher Verizon-branded smartphone for a period of two minutes and then re-insert the SIM card into your SafeTelecom phone. If you plan on using an already active Verizon SIM card and swapping it in from a different phone, we do not anticipate any of the above issues.

If you experience any problems with activation or would like more information about our solutions, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] where they can direct you to the best solution for your specific needs.