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Use your Pixel phone with any mobile carrier To use a phone with any mobile carrier, both in the US and Worldwide, the phone must be SIM-unlocked. All SafeTelecom Google Pixel phones come SIM-unlocked directly from the manufacturer. Important: Pixel phones work with all major carriers. But not all Pixel 5a (5G) and later phones work on all 5G networks. Check with your carrier to make sure your phone works on its 5G network. See a list of certified carriers. To use a SIM-unlocked phone: Buy an unlocked Pixel phone from SafeTelecom. Contact a mobile carrier. Follow their instructions to set up...

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International roaming via Verizon TravelPass is still in testing stages.

At this time, we cannot guarantee compatibility in all countries through the TravelPass service. Verizon US coverage is fully operational.

To use a Verizon phone internationally, our current recommendation is to rent or purchase a prepaid SIM card for your destination country. Our phones fully support swapping out the SIM card for international travel.

For any more international info, feel free to contact us.

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